Liquid Eye C1795 Pro Housing

  • C1795
  • C1795
  • C1795
  • C1795
  • C1795
  • C1795

Depth Rating: 10 meters. Designed to work with a variety of Canon bodies.

Built with a sandwich epoxy fiberglass construction. The controls are tactile using stainless steel and high strength plastics.

Featuring an interchangeable port system for the Canon lens series, 5 captured nested hex screws to insure the closure.

It is equiped with an upper window for the top LCD and it is GoPro mount and left hand side handle ready.

The C1795 is also able to be used with other accessories like dedicated video double side handle grip, pole shutter release and can be used with other Canon bodies such as the 5DMk2 or Mk3 as well the 60D or 70D with corresponding camera plate and acrylic back plate*.

US$ 1795


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  • Designed to fit a variety of camera bodies, including the Canon EOS 7D
  • An ergonomic glove-fit design that makes this housing feel and operate like your DLSR.
  • Captured stainless hexhead screw closure system. Our 6-screw closure system insures a tight, even seal, while eliminating the problems of screw loss and corrosion.
  • Silicon eyecup to eliminate parasite light when shooting.
  • Constructed using Liquid Eye’s proprietary hight strength and ultra weight epoxy resin sandwiched core technology.
  • Dimensions (W × H × D) 196mm × 182mm × 111mm
  • Weight ± 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs) (housing & back plate only).
  • Material : Sandwich epoxy fiberglass body, Stainless steel controls, Acrylic back plate for 7D with included rubber eye cup.
  • On the housing
    • Zoom control
    • Shutter
  • On the back plate
    • Playback
    • Q menu
    • Jog dial
    • Video / photos control on/off
    • Rear Main dial
  • Others controls can be added on the back plate upon request. Additional cost, ask for prices.
  • Camera plate for 7D.
  • PG pistol grip.
  • Rubber wrist leash.
  • Tool kit.
  • 1 year limited warranty.